Hello. I am Anne Tumilty, the Rector of Saint James’ (a Rector is the senior pastor or minister in an Episcopal Church). We are happy you have found your way to Saint James’, and that the time you spend with us will help you more into deeper life with God through Christ.

Saint James’ is a place of vibrant life, deep healing, and calm contemplation. You are welcome here.

Please explore our site and learn more about our community. Ask us any questions you have. You can also connect with us on social media. Please come and visit us in person if you are in the neighborhood.

We hope to help everyone move more deeply into a life with God through Christ.

I invite you to discover what that might mean in your own life. Experience the beauty of our music, the variety of worship experiences and educational offerings. Make friends, ask questions, ponder where you are and how you might deepen your spiritual life with us.

We are delighted that you have paused a few minutes to virtually explore us. We consider it a privilege to be part of your journey. I look forward to getting to know you.

May God continue to bless your journey.

The Rev. Canon Anne Tumilty

Education for Ministry (EfM)


Register Now for September, 2017

Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM

Education for Ministry (EfM) is a transformational learning community that meets weekly at Saint James’ from September through May. EfM participants begin by learning to listen deeply for God in their own experience and the stories shared by others. Individually, we read and reflect on the Bible, Church history, and Christian theology in preparation for our weekly conversations. Together, the reflective process invites us to identify and explore questions, and consider ways to apply insights. Through EfM we learn to live in loving relationships – and we have a really good time along the way.

Interested? Contact the Church Office at office@sjcsp.org and a co-mentor will contact you. Visit efm.sewanee.edu for a closer look.

Easter Reflection

Sunday, April 16

Matthew 28: 1-10

There is an empty tomb in Jerusalem
ensconced within a little building
called the edicule which lays in the
midst of a great domed church. You
would think that at the center of all that attention would be something tangible, something of substance, but here, it is the emptiness that means everything. Churches all over the world house the burial places of great figures of faith, but this church is different. This church celebrates the reality that Jesus’ body is no longer there, for he is risen.

We have spent forty days reflecting and preparing ourselves to celebrate this holiest of days: that morning when women came to the tomb expecting to find Jesus’ body and were shocked to discover it was empty. As they went to tell his other friends, they encountered the risen Christ. Fear and great joy seized them.

Who could have prepared them for this? How much can we really prepare ourselves for the wonder of this day? We did it last year and we’ll do it again next year. We continue to return to this moment, bringing all our fears and joys, and we continue to be met by the risen Lord.

The empty tomb, the resurrection to new life, is our constant source of joy. We also bring our fear, because it is through Jesus that we learn not to be afraid but to lay those fears down at his feet. The women that morning scarcely could have known what had broken into the world that day. But they and the other disciples were about to watch God’s redemption unfold and share it with the world.

We ourselves can watch God’s work in us continue to unfold through the living Jesus. Breaking forth from the tomb, Jesus is no longer in one place but fills all places. Today is our greatest reminder of that. An empty tomb means the world is filled with Jesus.


Worship Services




8:00 AM – Eucharist

10:10 AM – Children’s Worship

10:15 AM – Choral Eucharist



6:00 PM – Wednesday Healing Eucharist



10:30 AM – Eucharist





Trinity Sunday: Accepting God’s Invitation

June 11, The Rev. Todd Blackham

2 Corinthians 13:11–13; Matthew 28:16–20

Pentecost: Living Water, Tongues of Flame

June 4, The Rev. Michelle Baker-Wright

Acts 2:1-12; Psalm 104:25-35, 37; 1 Corinthians 12:3b-13; John 7:37-39